about me

I’ve always loved video games.

Because I have an older brother of five years, I had an early start into gaming. The first console I remember us owning was the Nintendo 64, and some of my favourite games of all time belong to that beautiful machine. Super Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, GoldenEye. These games set me up for a lifetime of adoration and enjoyment of the gaming world. As I grew older, I realised I was intrigued as to what made these games enjoyable for me. I still listen to the soundtracks, admire the worlds, and I hold that feeling of nostalgia close to me. That warmth and emotion is what I want to recreate in others.

I took Computing at A-Level on a whim. We were the first year to do it at our school and I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go in life. The idea of making games seemed preposterous at the time, until I realised I could write code. I came out with the highest grade in our class and went on to study Computer Games Development at the University of South Wales.

Whilst there, I created Space Station Showdown and Filaman as part of my studies, but I also got paid to work on MacMan and Virtual Road World, which were grant-funded projects that I was invited onto by the university. I programmed in various languages, including C++, C#, Python, as well as touching on SQL. I scored highly on my exams, including the Parallel and Concurrent Programming exam, as well as in my Data Structures and Algorithms exam. I graduated with a first-class honours as a bachelor of science in July 2018.

And what about all the other stuff?

Outside of games, I’ve tried to keep my hobbies varied and ensure I’m involved in more than just my work.

I became the Chairman of the Rock, Alternative and Metal Society at the University of South Wales, which meant a lot of an organisation and an equal amount of music and drinks. I taught myself how to play the guitar to a ‘Wonderwall’ level, and I learned how to ride a skateboard at 19, because apparently you’re never too old.

I enjoy good food, well-made coffee and craft beer. I support small businesses whenever I can and fortunately many of them provide all of the above. I also did a Movember fundraiser in 2018 (see pic below) and had a very generous £350 donated to that cause.